Import Procreate Brushes

In this tutorial I wanna show you, how to import brushes in Procreate on your iPad Pro.

1. You need to save the brushes on your iPad
There are a few options to do that – extract files in Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, iCloud Drive or send them by email to yourself and save them in your iPad Pro Files folder.

Example Creative Cloud:
open the files folder on your iPad and head to folder Creative Cloud. Click on the offline icon to make files available.

The file will open, in the upper right corner you´ll see the share icon, click on it and select the iPad file folder. Choose “on my iPad”.

The Procreate folder will appear, click on it to add the brush to Procreate.

First part done 🙂

2. Import to Procreate

Open Procreate app on your iPad Pro and head to the brush panel. Click +, than “import”.

Head to your iPad Pro Files folder. Here you will see a preview of every brush. Click on any brush, it will appear in your brush panel in „imported“ folder.

You can sort the brushes, re-name and move them to another brush folder, you can also create your own brush folder.

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